About Whitefin Market

-Fresh, safe, and deliciousness on every American table-

 Whitefin Market Team

Based out of Los Angeles, California, our Connoisseurs at Whitefin Market proudly select fresh fish from all over the world utilizing our experience and skills gained from Japanese Sushi restaurants and fish markets to deliver right to your door.

Our products are applied with a special freezing technique and them vacuum packed before freezing. All you have to do is thaw out your ordered products and present them out on your dinner table.

We are proud to serve you safe and delicious fish with the convenience of enjoying them at your own home during these uncertain times.

Team Whitefin Market

Message from the CEO

CEO Yusuke Irie

I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, a city which have been called “The Kitchen of the World”.

Growing up I’ve always enjoyed eating as well as cooking, and for my first job back in High School, I chose to work as a chef at a small local deli in my home town. That experience gave me the opportunity to learn how to cook Japanese cuisine.

At 26 years old, I first came to the US as a foreign student, and was surprised to see that fresh fish was not easy to obtain. Even if it was, they were far away from being affordable.
After completing my study abroad program, I remember the first meal I had when I returned back home in Japan was beyond delicious for a small price, and I can still recall the excitement and joy that I felt back then.

32 years old and I flew back to the US. I found work at a Fish Market in Downtown LA as my first job here.

I started my own company supporting international students coming to study from abroad after leaving the fish market. We would sometimes gather these students who’d been missing their hometown and serve Japanese food. Students excitedly anticipated for the grand main dish which was usually a whole piece of delicious fish.

Then, there was the outbreak of Covid-19. It hit hard on us. Foreign students were unable to fly in to the U.S and we had no choice but to suspend the business. Just when I was feeling lost and baffled, an old friend from my job at the fish market suggested that we start a business that makes fresh fish available to individuals now that we don’t have the opportunity to eat out.

Who have had imagined that a colleague from the old days would help me out from the pandemic? His experience and his network had allowed me to obtain fresh and high quality fish directly from importers and wholesalers to provide these items to you at an affordable price point.

We were successful in developing products that allow you to store fresh fish hygienically and gives you access to enjoy them at your own convenience. We made this happened by applying Japan’s latest freezing technology that reduces drips that are usually seen in most frozen products when thawed.

Our products are available to be shipped nationwide giving access to those living in areas where fresh fish are hard to come by.

We hope you enjoy the high quality fish from Whitefin Market with your loved ones at home!

Whitefin Market
CEO Yusuke Irie