1. Choose Products

Click “Products” on the homepage and select your desired product.
If you cannot find the product you are looking for on our website, contact us by the information below.
Email: info@whitefinmarket.com
Phone: (424)271-9908

2. Add to Cart

Carefully read the product details, select the quantity and click “Add to Cart”.
For any special requests please add your notes under ”Special Instructions for seller”.
If you have a Coupon Code, you may enter under “View Cart”.

3. Proceed to Checkout

After you have double checked your cart, click the checkbox under ”I agree with the terms and conditions” and proceed to checkout.

4. Proceed to Payment

Enter your information, and proceed to Payment.

5. Receive a Confirmation Email

After you have completed the payment page, you will receive an email.

6. Pick Up Instructions

For Curbside pick ups: Please pick up at the location specified. If you have ordered superfrozen products, please be sure to bring an insulated bag, styrofoam box, or a cooler box along with ice packs. See more details about local pick-up

For Deliveries: Superfrozen products will be delivered with dry ice to prevent products from thawing. Please be careful when handling dry ice as direct contact may cause frostbites.
Once thawed, the superfrozen products may lose their freshness. Please be sure to store them in the freezer immediately after delivery.

7. Defrosting Your Meal

For instructions on how to thaw the superfrozen products, please carefully read the ”Superfrozen Defrosting Instruction”.

8. Enjoy Your Meal

Serve on your favorite plate and enjoy!

9. Get Discont to Next Purchase

Post photos of your seafood meal prepared with Whitefin Market products with tag @whitefin_market on your Instagram story to receive a 10% discount coupon for your next purchase!
Please take advantage of this opportunity to help support our business!