Our Special Freezing Technique
How it’s different?

Our products are delivered to you frozen, with the exception to a few items.
They are not processed in a typical freezer you see at your home, but we proudly use Japan’s latest freezing technology to bring you fish in the freshest condition possible.
We make this happen by first applying a special freezing technique and then preserving it in a super freezer. This allows the product to leave no drips when thawed unlike the frozen products you’ll find at the supermarket.
You’d be surprised by how this new technology allows you to store our products longer in your freezer. Just pull them out as needed, and they will be served at its best condition.
Add our items as a dish to your party or to your dinner time table, and we’d be happy to see you proudly serve your family or guests!
Please read the ”Superfrozen Handling Instruction” for details on freezer preservation and thawing.

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Curbside Pickup Available!

Curbside Pickup

Let us know when you arrive, and we’ll bring your items to you, or to your designated pickup person. Just open the trunk and you’re on your way.

Pickup Location: 21171 S. Western Ave., Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: (213)840-4308 (Call/Text)