Bluefin Tuna / Hon-maguro

Bluefin Tuna / Hon-maguro

As far as we know, there are no longer people who don’t know this name.


It’s said that Bluefin Tuna is a type of biggest size of all and sold well at a lot of markets, which is familiar with people all over the world because of influence on sushi and sashimi.



By the way, Bluefin Tuna is classified as an endangered species due to frequent catch nowadays.



We have wild-caught Bluefin Tuna from Australia and farm-raised Bluefin Tuna from Mexico.

Most of the time, farm-raised one is better than wild-caught one.

Because of this, farm-raised one is appreciated and traded at a high rate.



You can enjoy various cooking methos, for example, fry, stake or otherwise, but Bluefin Tuna completely matches with wasabi and soy sauce as you know.



Also, there is a difference between a part of red flesh and fatty tuna [toro] .


A part of red flesh has quality protein and mineral which helps it to absorb.

On the other hand,

a part of fatty tuna [toro] has plenty of fat compared to red flesh but has a wealth of DHA and EPA which are important for human body.



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