Yellowtail / Hamachi🐟

Yellowtail / Hamachi🐟


By the way, are there anyone who thought Yellowtail is called Buri in Japanese?

Technically there is a difference between Yellowtail and Buri.


Hamachi changes its name as it grows up.

In addition, its name is different from area like East and West in Japan.


(The following is the name varied each growth process)

Eastern area

Mojako (young fish) ➡  akashi (20cm) ➡ Inada (40cm) ➡ 

Warasa60cm) ➡ Buri(80cm or more)

Western area

Mojako(young fish) ➡ Tubasu(20cm) ➡ Hamachi(40cm) ➡ Mejiro(60cm) ➡ Buri(80cm or more)


In Eastern area, one which is wild-caught and about 60cm long is called Warasa (ワラサ) and one which is farm-raised and has a same length is called Hamachi.


On the other hand, one which is about 40cm long regardless of wild-caught and farm-raised is called Hamachi in Western area.


However, these names are not decided accurately because they are subject to be changed by area.



Also, there is a difference between Yellowtail and Buri taste-wise.


Yellowtail has moderate fat and is familiar with wide range of generations because it has a mild flavor compared to Buri.


When it comes to Buri, it has a bigger body than and more luxury taste than Yellowtail because of having plenty of fat.



We import Yellowtail from Ehime, Japan.

So, it intended for sashimi, sushi, carpaccio and so on considering the conditions.


Hamachi is known as a fish which brings happiness😍

You can enjoy the meal more to know in detail.📚


We would very appreciate you if you try our great Yellowtail.🐟