Golden Eye Snapper / Kinmedai

Golden Eye Snapper / Kinmedai

First of all, do you know the fact that Golden Eye Snapper is not kind of Snapper?

I didn’t know that by the way.



Golden Eye Snapper is totally different from Red Snapper (Red Sea Bream) [Madai] and Black Sea Bream [Kurodai] .



There are Beryx decadactylus [ナンヨウキンメ] (Nanyoukinme) and Beryx mollis [フウセンキンメ] (Husenkinme) as a kind of Golden Eye Snapper.


Also, it usually lives in the deep sea.

That’s why literally they have a Golden Eye to concentrate lights in the dark like deep sea.

By the way, the red color of its skin is caused by "astaxanthin", and it has a lot of effects like anti-aging action, health maintenance of eyes and so on.



We have a Golden Eye Snapper from Shizuoka, Japan.

It has a characteristic of high-quality meat with much fat, which melts in your mouth once you eat.


You can enjoy various Golden Eye Snappers having other tastes and textures caught from different area like Chiba, Kochi, Japan.


We offer Golden Eye Snapper to you as sashimi and sushi.

So, please try and enjoy ours.