Japan's Weird but Unique Seafood: Shirako

Japan's Weird but Unique Seafood: Shirako

Have you ever tasted or seen this unique & weird Japanese dish called “白子” (Shirako)?

Perhaps, some people may think it’s a brain or mayonnaise, but this is actually a ripe testes of a male cod fish. Yes, it is fish semen, and if you have never seen it, we bet you must have been surprised at why we eat raw fish semen.

Shirako is low in carbohydrates and fat, and provides protein with modest calories, making it a great choice for dieters. It is also a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients.

There are many ways to eat Shirako, for example, ponzu dressing, tempura, grill, soup, and others. But we usually recommend our customer, the best way to eat it is with a drizzle of ponzu sauce! However, if you’re a first-timer trying Shirako, we recommend eating it with tempura.

Although it has a quite unique appearance, it is very delicious and has a plump texture and creamy taste, and people enjoy it all over the world!

Shirako from Hokkaido is especially famous and familiar in Japan because it boasts the best cod fishing in Japan and the Shirako is a symbolic dish of the winter arrival.

So if you're a Japanese food fanatic and have never tried it yet, then give it a try before you judge it by the appearance! Try our fresh Shirako (Cod Milt) from Hokkaido 🐟