Wild Bluefin Tuna Festa!!!

Wild Bluefin Tuna Festa!!!
If you're a Tuna lover, you'd love our new weekly deal!
This week, we bring a great deal for our Tennen Hon Maguro (Wild Bluefin Tuna) products that includes: Tennen Hon Maguro Nakaochi (Wild Bluefin Tuna - Minced)Tennen Hon Maguro Diced (Wild Bluefin Tuna - Diced)Tennen Hon Maguro Toro Nakaochi (Wild Bluefin Tuna Toro - Minced)Tennen Hon Maguro Chu-Toro (Wild Bluefin Tuna Medium Toro)Tennen Hon Maguro Akami (Wild Bluefin Tuna - Akami)Tennen Hon Maguro O-Toro (Wild Bluefin Tuna Premium Toro), and Tennen Hon Maguro O-Toro Saku (Wild Bluefin Tuna Premium Toro - Saku)Our Bluefin Tuna is wild-caught in Australia and it is extremely high-quality, sashimi / sushi grade Tuna. Please try our best quality Wild Bluefin Tuna at your dining table before its completely gone!
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