Ikura (Marinated Salmon Roe)

Ikura (Marinated Salmon Roe)

Most of the time we enjoyed Ikura as sushi but did you know that you can enjoy Ikura as sashimi? This time we want to introduce you to a unique appearance of sashimi, Ikura.

Ikura is known as a salmon roe, but we called いくら (ikura) in Japanese.

The word “Ikura” originally comes from the Russian word “ikra,” which means “a small bumpy thing,” and it also means “fish roe”.

As for the nutritional content, it contains good fat, protein and vitamins, so it is indeed a small portion but has a health benefit.

Our Ikura is marinated with soy sauce, sake, and mirin, and characterized by its red, round shape. The texture is pop and slightly sweet, and it is popular for any generation.

As we mentioned, the most common way to eat salmon roe is with sushi and it is served on top of rice wrapped with nori (seaweed). But you can also enjoy them as sashimi and taste great with salmon sashimi!

On New Year's Day, in Japan, we often eat Ikura sanded with Kamaboko. Since Ikura is an egg, it is used in Osechi as a symbol of “prosperity of descendants.” Even if it's not New Year's Day, you can enjoy Ikura by pouring it over rice all season. In fact, just having it on the dining table makes it look very colourful and you can enjoy their unique appearance as well!