Scallops / Hotate

Scallops / Hotate

Love scallops? If so, have you ever tried Scallops from Hokkaido, Japan?


Our scallops are directly imported from Hokkaido and as soon as we receive them we pack them up and we will bring them to your dining table!



These Hokkaido scallops are very well-known in Japan due to their amazing texture. They have a full “umami” flavor because of the environment they were raised in.

Also, FYI to those of you who may wonder if it is sashimi because of its unique appearance, but scallops is a type of shellfish, and we called them “Hotate” (帆立 / ホタテ) in Japanese.

It is characterized by its thick meat and plump texture. We are sure that you can enjoy taste because of its high nutritional value, but let me explain some specific nutritional information about hotate / scallops.

Scallops contain taurine, zinc, and vitamin B-12.

Taurine improves liver function. Zinc is effective in stimulating metabolism and improves digestion. Vitamin B12 is effective in normalizing blood circulation. Because of these and many other nutrients they will provide you, we strongly encourage you to try scallop as your diet choice if you have never tried it before!

The best way to eat it is to eat it as it is, as sashimi.

It goes very well with Japanese sake, so try our scallops and feel some Japan through its flavors.