Sea Urchin / Uni

Sea Urchin / Uni

Sea Urchin is very delicious, right?

By the way,

Do you know what kind of sea creature is in the first place?



Sea Urchin is categorized as a type of starfish and sea cucumber and so on.


Technically, they are categorized as Echinodermata.


They have organs like digestive tube and gonad and we usually eat a part of gonad.



Basically, we sort Sea Urchin by both types that whether we can eat or not.

I’ll introduce some types of them used as food.



Firstly, Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus(Bahunnuni), which is famous as one of the most delicious types.

You can enjoy sweeter taste than bitterer.



Secondly, Heliocidaris crassispina(Murasakiuni), which turn its color into purple when it’s exposed to the sun and has a characteristic of its long spikes.

Also, it’s relatively interesting to enjoy the tastes varied each season.


Finally, Pseudocentrotus depressus(Akauni), which is in red and categorized as a type of large size compared to other ones. It’s also known as luxury ingredients because of the little catch.

There are various range of types except for three of these.



There are some ways to eat Sea Urchin, but they say that it’s the best way add only salt.

In addition, it has a wide variety of nutritional value like Folate, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E and so on. So, you should try ours to take care of your body.


But you shouldn’t eat too much at once because Sea Urchin has a lot of salt.